jueves, abril 08, 2004

Un nuevo fic, Meanwhile, back in Metropolis... de unas de las mejores, Punk M.

Normal couples fight over what movie to watch. You argue about antimatter.

"How was work?" Lex asks, taking a sip of his ice water and looking at you over the top of the menu.

"Prevented a tanker from running aground, delivered a donor heart to Juneau, foiled an attempt to build a supercollider in Smallville. The usual."

"Hm," he says. "Whose ship?"

"Can we talk about this?"

"I'd rather not do it here."

"Lex, I'm just concerned you might--" You play with your fork. "Blow a hole in the space-time continuum and destroy life as we know it."

He peruses the wine list. "Should we have a Pinot Noir?"

You plow forward. "I think you should reconsider your commitment to this project."

"I don't see any compelling reason for me to do so."

"You know our mutual friend won't allow you to endanger lives with this facility," you say.

His lips do that smirky thing that never fails to make you want to smack him and then rip all his clothes off.

"Lucky for him it's just a particle accelerator and not a Doomsday machine, as I'm sure he's got better things to do than hang around babysitting a bunch of magnets."

"It's still dangerous," you insist. "He'll be forced to destroy it, and I know how expensive big magnets can be."

He finally glances up from the wine list. "In that case, you'll be pleased to know there's now a section of the LexCorp budget expressly dedicated to Superman related damages. Knock yourself out, Clark. I've got alien insurance."

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