jueves, junio 24, 2004

Escondida en mi esquina postestructuralista este articulo de Salmon, Catherine titulado "Slash Fiction and Human Mating Psychology." (Journal of Sex Research; Feb2004, Vol. 41 Issue 1) puede dar risa, pero me interesa leer cualquier atencion seria que se de al tema de slash.

We reasoned that slash exists because a sizable international community of women derives pleasure from writing and reading it; hence, the essential features of this genre must contain information about human female mating psychology.

Our research on slash has not, to date, led to the discovery of a
heretofore-undreamed-of psychological mechanism or even to a novel
hypothesis about such a mechanism. Instead, slash has turned out to be an exception that proves (tests) the rules, and the rules remain essentially intact. That is to say, it was more the case that our previously held views of female mating psychology led to a deeper understanding of slash than the other way around.


In sum, perhaps the main lesson to be learned from analyzing slash is the rather banal one that the more things seem to change in the domain of human mating psychology, the more they actually remain the same. Romances mainstream novels and slash stories alike-are in essence female fantasies about overcoming obstacles to achieve the perfect mateship.


If, as we have argued, slash fiction illuminates human female mating psychology, then slash that is written and read primarily by lesbians should be essentially identical to male-male slash, except with respect to the sex of the protagonists. This prediction appears to be confirmed.

Le falla muchas cosas pero lo terrible es que sus observaciones si aplican a un buen numero de fanfics slash.

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