martes, junio 22, 2004

Un punto de referencia.

Cada eslashera tiene su versión de este momento.

"When I was five, I had a near-religious devotion to the TV show 'Emergency!'. I was fascinated by the paramedics Johnny and Roy, who spent an hour each afternoon rescuing various attractive women and children from disaster before returning to the jolly fire-station bunkhouse together, their matching uniforms barely wrinkled. At night as I fell asleep I used to tell myself stories in which their adventures continued, only now it was each other they had to rescue, braving burning buildings and collapsing bridges to emerge safely reunited at the end.

I was telling a friend about this one day, and she laughed and pushed her newspaper across the table. "There's an article about slash in here that I think you should read," she said.

"Slash?" I said. "What's slash?"

Little did I know that my life was about to be changed."

Del ensayo en Girl of Random Thoughts

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