miércoles, septiembre 01, 2004

Jenn escribio un nuevo fanfic, asi que pon aqui mi Squeeeee!!! y Happy-happy, joy-joy!

When the sky falls down
nc-17, clark/lex 1/3

"Lex's eyes narrow. 'You think you know Metropolis better than I do?'

Clark considers. Lex has, of course, been everywhere in Metropolis. Doubtless in one of these abandoned buildings, Lex once possibly presided over a Roman orgy featuring some variety of wildlife, or so rumor stated, but Clark doubts Lex was actually sober. Lex knows Metropolis *in theory*. In a vehicle. With signs, drivers, maps, telephones, and OnStar. Not on foot, in the rain, with Clark, who is wondering if all the buildings down here are identically dilapidated or they've passed this one for the sixth time. 'I'm just saying, I think we passed this building before.'

Lex snorts something that doesn't sound polite, so Clark doesn't bother to translate."

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