miércoles, septiembre 29, 2004

Un poquito de una entrevista con Michael Rosenbaum (en especial para Bitegirl...)
"On the idea of a little Lana-Lex-Chloe smorgasbord:

'Phwoar - that would be a treat, wouldn't it? They're not legal yet, though, are they?... Let's wait till they graduate and see what happens!'

On 'one of the main men in Lex's life':

'Clark! What about Clark? Well, as we get deeper into [Series Three]... how long can a friendship that's built on lies and deception continue? We don't know how much Lex can take, or Clark for that matter, but I think the fact that we are lying to protect each other shows how meaningful and how deep our relationship is.'

Hopes and fears:

'The hopes for Lex are that he will find someone that loves him unconditionally. That he and Clark will get together and that he and Clark will sit down one day and share the secrets that are keeping them apart.'

TG asks whether he means to suggest that the person who Lex hopes will love him unconditionally is Clark - and MR winks. So, she says innocently, Lex wants to propose to Clark?

'No! Although I hear that's what some fans would like to happen...'

Finally, the cheeky minx asks his make-up lady what colour his underwear is. Several colours, she replies. Michael retorts:

'Actually, I always go free-balling. I rarely wear underwear.'"

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