miércoles, abril 07, 2004

Demarcation, slash NC-17, pero escrito con una relacion Clark & Lois que da gusto leer.

"'So he says, do you mind if I take a shower first. I thought it was considerate.' Lois said, leaning across her desk. Clark nodded, grinning as he typed. 'So I said sure, and then we. Move to the bedroom,' Lois said, making an odd, wiggly hand gesture, which Clark then imitated.

''Move to the bedroom?' What are you, salmon?'

'Shut up,' Lois said. 'Do you want to hear my horrible story or not?'

Clark took a moment to think, pressing his lips together to keep from smiling. 'Well, Lois, I don't mind that you're heterosexual, but do you really have to shove it in my face?' "

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