miércoles, abril 14, 2004

I feel your pain
Thamiris: "How I am going to survive the next five and a half hours until the new SV episode?!? Oh, sure, I could do actual work, but I'm really too a'twitter for cerebral exercises. "

Y sobre Lana, la explicacion que me gustaria dar cuando alguien me pregunta porque me aburre cada vez que sale en pantalla:

" . . . I'll skip over my Lana hatefest, my frustration over KK's ability to add nuance to her expressions, so that there's simply 'annoyance' and 'satisfaction' with nothing between, how this reduces every scene to kindergarten complexity. I am happy. I am not. I am happy. I am not. That lack of subtlety and ambiguity leads, I think, to the charges of narcissism surrounding Lana: KK's inability to convey more complicated emotions brings every scene back to her, how she's feeling, because the expressions are writ so large."

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